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We provide a wide range of grapples for handling bulk materials, optimized for specific materials. The claws of the cover can be used for most bulk materials. For certain materials or specific operations, other grapos are a better solution. Below are the different models of grapos.

Dual Scoop Grab

The motor dual scoop grabs are used with single-rope cranes and require a power supply from the crane.

Agarradera de motor doble - Movil Uno

Their Advantages:

  • Output-controlled hydraulic pumps ensure efficient conversion of the supplied electric power into handling performance.
  • Having high closing forces, MZG and MZGL grab types reach an optimum filling degree.
  • Integrated in the crane control system, the grab control system can be operated from the crane operator cabin.

Orange Peel Grab

  • Proven grab design for economic scrap handling
  • First choice for use in incinerator plants.
  • Equipped with individually driven jaws, motor orange-peel grabs adapt themselves individually to the handled material. Their optimum working height, low center of gravity and robust design make MMG/MMGL grabs versatile, all-purpose devices. Three product series cover the large variety of applications.

Hydraulic Timber Grab

Hydraulic Timber Grab

The tightly clamping devices of this product series feature an increased slewing angle to enable one single grab to capture individual logs for example from corners of wagons as well as to hold to individual logs with small diameters securely.

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