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Reach Stackers Konecranes 10-45 Ton

Reach Stackers Konecranes 10-45 Ton

Konecranes container reach stackers in the 10 – 45 ton lifting range embody the virtues of strength and versatility. Refined through the wisdom and experience of over 50 years in the field, Konecranes container reach stackers are at their best when working at an intense pace in container ports and intermodal terminals with little room to maneuver.

We offer a very wide range of reach stackers for empty and laden container stacking. Please refer to our latest reach stacker brochure or contact us for more information and technical specifications.

SMV 2115 TC3

SMV 2115 TC321-15-5 tons5500 mm
SMV 2518 TC325-18-8 tons5500 mm


SMV 4127 TC5

SMV 4127 TC5 (TC6)*41-27-14 tons6400 mm
SMV 4527 TC5 (TC6)*45-27-14 tons6400 mm
SMV 4531 TC5 (TC6)*45-31-16 tons6400 mm


SMV 4535 TC5

SMV 4535 TC5 (TC6)*45-35-20 tons6400 mm
SMV 4535 TCX5**45-37-24 tons6400 mm
SMV 4537 TC545-37-19 tons6400 mm
SMV 4537 TCX5**45-41-28 tons6400 mm


SMV 4543 TC5

SMV 4542 TC545-42-24 tons7250 mm
SMV 4542 TCX5**45-44-30 tons7250 mm
SMV 4543 TC545-42-25 tons7250 mm
SMV 4543 TCX5**45-44-34 tons7250 mm


SMV 4545 TC5

SMV 4545 TC545-45-37 tons8000 mm
SMV 4545 TCX5**45-45-45 tons8000 mm
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